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Seringue Testimonies on the adverse events of anti Covid-19 vaccination campaigns among Jehovah's Witnesses

Jehovah's Witnesses are heavily vaccinated due to guidance given from July to December 20211 by the governing body.
Many witnesses have had serious adverse effects following vaccination campaigns and, for the most part, have had great difficulty in expressing them and having them recognized.
This website was made to allow each Witness touched by these vaccination campaigns to express it so that the community takes it into account (Luke 10:30-35).

VAERSIf you have not yet reported your side effect to Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, follow this link: vaers.hhs.gov

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Cancer, miscarriage, vertigo, heart issues, etc. in my family all different brands of the vax.
I did not get the vax so I don't have any adverse events but my husband did and his diabetes got out of control, he now takes insulin shots every day and his metformin no longer works, one of my sisters is my parents caregiver in California so of course all of them were coerced to take it, now my sister almost lost her vision, my youngest sister fell and needed 2 surgeries to fix her arm, another sister was told she has a virus in her brain that causes vertigo and has trouble walking and one niece just had a miscarriage. My dad needs a pacemaker and my mom was just diagnosed with a huge tumor in her kidney most likely cancer. My oldest son got the vax because he wanted to travel and all his friends in the congregation were getting it and the gb was recommending it. I became very suspicious when I saw the gb telling us that they had asked and there was no blood in this or that vax but did not bother to ask what was in it. Also that video of the native American town were so many people were dying of covid with that sad music, something did not sound right so after a lot of praying and meditation I decided to wait, if in one year I was wrong I would apologize and come back to the meetings and if I was right then I had saved myself and my two youngest children now 17 and 19 so I wrote a letter to the elders on Christmas of 2021 and told them how I felt. After that I did a lot of research about the JW history, about the Bible history and of my G! I do not longer believe in gods, demons or angels. Only me and my youngest kid are out of the org. all the others stayed, I couldn't get anyone else out only one sister and her family. I strongly believe that the jw organization is going down one way or another, they were used to harm their own members but they also took the kool aid, we'll see.

I am 56 years old. I live Glendale (USA).
Carmen G. (edit) 5/29/2024
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Got Covid following vaccination
While none of us had caught Covid for 2 years, because we protected ourselves as best as possible by strict hygiene and a healthy diet, in the 3rd year due to strong encouragement from the GB, one of us got his vaccine.
This person got Covid through a bad reaction then transmitted it to all of us and ultimately led to the death of one of us.

I am 50 years old. I live Paris (France).
Sylvie Anonymous, obligatory ostracism (edit) 4/18/2024
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Letter 2022: Covid 19 Injection were not arrangements by Jehovah and Jesus.
Brief2022 and Letter2022 I wrote unexpectedly.


https://jehovah.nu/brief2022.pdf (Dutch)

I had gone to Kingdom Hall with my mother-in-law and after the third Saturday,
I wrote the letter in Dutch and sent the letter.
That was Saturday, September 17, 2022.
In January 2023, I translated the letter into English using Google Translate and sent the letter worldwide.

By Sunday, Feb. 19, I had reached 1172 elders worldwide with the letter.
A few days after on Wednesday, Feb. 22, Antony Morris III was removed from the Governing Body.

I called the action from September 17, 2022 to February 19, 2023 "PROJECT JEHOVAH."

The Netherlands, Belgium, Surinam, Caribbean Islands (all Dutch language) 224 elders

Australia 115 elders

England 66 elders

Guyana 19 elders

Ireland 35 elders

Northern Ireland 13 elders

New Zealand 19 elders

Scotland 24 elders

Congregation English Rest of the World 21 elders

Letter sent by regular Mail to 81 Kingdom Halls (159 congregations of Jehovah Witnesses) 636 elders

I am 62 years old. I live Utrecht (The Netherlands).
Rijk Janssen (edit) 3/21/2024
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My experience with Covid period. Sad and dissapointed.
Thank you very much for this site. I have been a Jehovah's Witness for almost 30 years. For many years, I served as a full-time servant. My husband and I have always listened to the Governing Body in everything. We are constantly educating ourselves, reading a lot, studying, and examining everything as we were taught from the Bible. When the Governing Body said via video report no. 10 that we should get vaccinated if possible, we were shocked and stunned, I was in tears, I couldn't sleep at night. Our conscience firmly said NO, even though at the beginning of the pandemic, we understood the goal, that the entire population of the country should receive experimental genetic therapy for a purpose known to those who created it. We tried to warn our friends about the danger; everyone made their decision. My husband, who is caring and truthful by nature, openly spoke about the dangers of this therapy because he was familiar with all of them; he was declared an apostate. He only wanted to save the lives of his brothers and sisters. Our close friends who also didn't want to get vaccinated disassociated themselves; they couldn't bear what was happening and loudly expressed it to the elders, but they didn't find understanding. We are still where we are. My husband doesn't attend meetings anymore, and I attend less frequently. I don't feel comfortable when things are twisted and portrayed as they are not. Recently, an elder in his speech said that the Governing Body had never encouraged the brothers to get vaccinated. That is a LIE. I don't feel like the Spirit of Jehovah is working there anymore. All the elders have directly or indirectly encouraged us to get vaccinated, even though they know nothing about the procedure and what it consists of. Anyone who didn't want to get vaccinated was ridiculed, declared disobedient, not following Jehovah's and Jesus's instructions, and those who spoke against the Governing Body's decision were declared apostates. My husband and I have isolated ourselves, not wanting to cause unrest and disunity as it is portrayed. On the contrary, our faith in Jehovah and in Jesus, who will set everything right when the time comes, is even stronger. In our congregation, one sister has cancer throughout her body, one brother had colon cancer surgery and discontinued special pioneering, one sister had her leg amputated, the 54-year-old husband of our sister had a severe stroke and has a hematoma in his head, he is almost immobile, several brothers and sisters are constantly ill due to weakened immunity, some have autoimmune diseases, some have memory problems. During the "pandemic," several brothers and sisters lost their lives in the hospital on a ventilator. My husband and I were treated for Covid at home following Dr. Zelenko's protocol and we recovered without consequences. Since then, we have not fallen ill again. This decision for brothers to get vaccinated has caused divisions among Jehovah's people, and Satan rejoices because of it. We wait on Jehovah and on Jesus, and we are happy that we listened to our conscience even though we suffered mentally and lost several very good friends. My husband's depression worsened, but most importantly, we remained faithful exclusively to Jehovah and not to man. Sister from Bosnia and Herzegovina
I live (Bosnia and Herzegovina).
Anonymous (edit) 3/13/2024
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Death, Strokes, Covid19, Cholecystitis, immune system dysfunction, menstrual anomalies, neurological issues, miscarriage, birth defect, turbo cancers, auto-immune disorders, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, heart attacks, return of cancer in remission.
I have observed all the above adverse events in close family, friends and friends of family including those in close proximity within the congregation. 4 brothers have experienced strokes in just one congregation, 2 turbo cancers (one death) and death due to heart issues in a neighbouring congregation in a short space of time after being jabbed.

Incidentally, we only experienced one death in our 3 neighbouring congregations in 2020 prior to the jab rollout. Post-jab rollout, there were several deaths and Zoom funeral after funeral countrywide, in close succession, due to brothers and sisters (bethel and beyond) dying of "COVID19" / turbo cancers etc. I recently attended another funeral of a sister who had turbo cancer. I personally have, in my family, 2 persons with no previous issues (one very young, the other middle-aged), with newly diagnosed cancer, and one whose cancer has returned with a vengeance. Among witness friends across the globe, I can mention name after name of deaths and new diagnoses of cancer and neurological disorders. The amount of cancer reported among my work and business associates has been staggering. I have also personally heard countless others ie non-witnesses relating their family's or friends' adverse events after the jab. My cousin lost both her in-laws within a month of their receiving the shots. I have 2 post menopausal sisters (both witnesses) and another close friend who experienced menstrual bleeding in response to the mRNA jabs. I have noticed many are constantly sick. I work with an entirely unvaccinated crew, and we are seldom, if ever, ill. We catch the odd seasonal colds but recover quickly. I have not been sick in years. I hear vaccinated brothers complaining often about being sick often. My vaccinated family are always sick. One has had a few heart attacks (he was fit and strong and surfed and sup'd regularly until this happened). One family member has suffered debilitating neurological issues and another auto-immune issues.

The one thing I know for sure is that I have heard absolutely no unvaccinated person say, "I regret my decision". Whereas I have heard so many vaccinated brothers, friends and family members state that they deeply regret getting vaccinated and that they would not do it again if they had their time over.

A young sister whose mother died of "Covid" not long after the jab, was sitting on the hospital stairs, "watching one ambulance after another pull up with aged patients, sick with COVID". She spoke to a paramedic who stated, "There's no way I'm taking this vaccination, because every single person I have brought in here has been recently vaccinated".

I have also spoken to a paramedic recently who said, “we are seeing young people collapsing with heart problems, and they have ‘no previous history’ linked to these conditions. And we’re not allowed to talk about it”.

Covid is acknowledged by Pfizer as a side effect of the jab. The pathology of Cancer is presenting differently since 2021, since the jab rollout, hence the term “turbo” (Cancer has a pattern, and in most new cases, this has changed. The primary tumour has not yet formed and yet the cancer has already metastasised throughout the body. People are finding out they have stage 4 cancer on their initial diagnosis). Why? For numerous reasons. One reason was that the DNA repair mechanism was disabled, as were the toll-like receptors that keep cancer cells regulated. The immune system had to be "disabled" in order to allow for the mRNA to be delivered into the cells via the robust lipid nano particles.

Very few of the above persons or their families have equated the above side-effects and "cvd" deaths with the jab. The cognitive dissonance has been overwhelming and disturbing to say the least. “How could ‘obedience’ lead to such terrible outcomes?” Sadly, adding 2 and 2 would disturb their faith in the GB. Many peoples faith in the org might be destroyed if they honestly acknowledged the harms. They might also fear reprisal i.e. being shunned by family and friends if they speak out. Many have also been led along by the mainstream media and their own doctors that have been telling them outright lies, that it's not the vaccine causing side effects.

Many have been denied acknowledgement of their personal injury or the emotional, financial and mental anguish suffered as a result of losing loved ones to the jab. Those loved ones are not merely statistics, they are real people. To deny the most likely cause is a travesty of justice. Those who died or were injured are someone's beloved child, someone’s mother, father, sibling, aunt, uncle, grandparent. To blame everything on CVD19 or long CVD instead of attributing the overwhelming number of deaths and injuries to the experimental jabs is a bold-faced lie. There was outright exaggeration, fudging of and manipulation of data throughout COVID. Dishonesty and deceit were the order of the day in terms of “data”, “studies” and “clinical trials” and presenting of the “findings”.

Medical malfeasance has been responsible for death every bit of the way, more so than COVID19 itself. How so? By suppressing, discrediting, censoring and withholding early treatments that were actually working and saving lives, and then forcing kidney-damaging meds (causing many fatalities) i.e. Remdesivir on patients who could not speak for themselves and were also not allowed advocates to speak for them or remove them from the dangerous hospital care. Does the organisation understand the level of compensation the hospitals in the US were offered by the government, per patient, for a +ve diagnosis of COVID, admittance to hospital, being put on a ventilator and given deadly Remdesivir, and then pronounced dead? The money offered for every step of the aforementioned was ludicrously large.Hospitals were not incentivised to keep people alive. Shockingly, quite the opposite was true.

Doctors were stripped of their medical licences for actually helping and saving patients with off-patent, safety-approved drugs and were silenced, shadow-banned and shamed on social media. Ironically, Gajus Glockentin spewed out the same dangerous misinformation and lies of mainstream media in his video-streamed talk, "Protect yourself from lies".

Never before in history has any medical establishment or good medical professional ever said 'Stay home. Isolate yourself. Wait till your oxygen is at xyz level (i.e. dangerously low), before you seek medical help’. In other words, wait until you're blue in the face and can barely breathe before you go to hospital. This life-threatening, insanely bizarre advice became the norm. Many who 'obediently' followed this outrageous advice and had early treatment withheld, did in fact die. Many who lost their lives did so because they asked for or received help TOO LATE or they received deadly medications. They died not because they had contracted COVID19 but because they were denied early, life-saving treatments. I cannot help wondering how many who took to heart Gajus Glockentin’s dangerous lies and misinformation died because they chose not to get early treatments or failed to use the effective “off-label” safe drugs that had been vilified through propaganda in mainstream and echoed by him. I wonder if Gajus Glockentin knows that one of the allegedly "ineffective" treatments he was referring to had won the Nobel prize and is one of the safest, most tested drugs around, and was first used in humans and then added to veterinary medicine?

Even more pertinent, was Gajus Glockentin not aware of the fact that THE ONLY REASON the mRNA technology could be brought to market and rolled out to billions under E.U.A., is IF THERE WAS NO OTHER EFFECTIVE TREATMENT or CURE available for CVD 19. How did a seemingly smart guy like Gajus not smell a rat or connect the dots with the censorship and discrediting of early treatment protocols to the conditions of the EUA for the mRNA technology? Or was he too busy in the finance department to do any meaningful research?

Not being able to talk about adverse events publicly and honestly or within families is a universal issue. But for a very unique reason, Jehovah's Witnesses are not 'permitted' to speak about adverse events from the jab. Doing so is regarded as speaking against the GB itself. Contradicting or questioning their 'direction' or 'encouragement' in this medical matter, is as if you are speaking against Jehovah or Jesus. Their medical advice and encouragement, has been regarded as if the 'direction' was the voice of Jehovah God the Almighty Himself or Jesus, his Beloved Son.
One elder stated confidently, “If the GB has made a mistake on this one, then Jesus is dead”. Brothers cannot accept an error of this magnitude is remotely possible. It is more likely to some, it would appear, that Jesus is dead. Yes, in reality, the GB are regarded as infallible and unquestionable, just like the Pope himself. It seems the brothers have never understood that the GB has stated categorically that they make mistakes on both an organisational and doctrinal level.

There has to be consensus and conformity (mistaken for unity) at all costs. Truth does not to appear to feature if it competes with 'unity' or 'conformity'. Many have been ghosted, shunned or muzzled as their attempt to speak truth has effectively been considered 'blasphemy', 'rebelliousness', 'heresy' or 'disobedience to governments'. Many who have stood up have, appallingly, been labelled 'Apostates' for daring to speak truth on a subject where the GB have been blatantly wrong and out of line.

Having done extensive vaccine research in the past and having been informed, not via the propaganda of mainstream media outlets, nor the medical industrial complex and their shills, but by renowned scientists, specialists with actual expertise, credible and internationally acclaimed doctors, I was able make a clear and well-researched decision based on the actions of mechanism of the mRNA and viral vector vaccinations and the projected side-effects. Most who took the jab did not research how the actual jab works, the possible side-effects and bio-distribution of the LNP's and spike protein. No one I have spoken to understood that their own bodies were being instructed, at DNA level, to manufacture the most toxic part of the virus, the spike protein. They relied on the GB to do the research for them. All we heard from the mainstream media was the deceitful mantra, “safe and effective” and it would appear that the org gulped that lie down eagerly. Anyone who actually took the jab was unable to make a fully informed choice since the industry was not willing to reveal all the actual ingredients in the vials in all batches. While it may be reasoned that so many were ok after their jabs, and therefore everyone should be ok, the truth of the matter is that analysis of the VAERs data shows that up to 1/3 of the batches may have actually been placebos as there were little to no adverse events reported in approx 1/3 of the batches. There was also no consistency either across all the batches of the Pfizer mRNA jab in terms of adverse events but a small percentage of batches were identified as particularly harmful and lethal, with large volumes of serious adverse events reports in these.

When you understand (even at the most basic level) the mechanisms of action of these gene instruction injectables AKA COVID19 Vaccinations, and you marry them with your conscience, the complexity of the immune system, common sense and scriptural principles regarding the sanctity of life, you would no doubt think twice about taking them, never-mind urge others to take them en masse. Add to this the common knowledge that this was authorised under EUA as an “experimental drug” or gene delivery mechanism. Even if you had not yet examined the moral/ethical aspects exposing the foundational wickedness of the vaccine industry, you could still have made a wise decision, merely knowing that this was a new, as yet 'untested drug' with no long-term safety studies. (See Attorney Aaron Siri’s deposition of the ‘godfather’ of vaccines, Dr Stanley Plotkin, self-acclaimed, proud atheist. Can be found on YouTube and TheHighwire.com)

Not once throughout the GB updates encouraging the jabs did we ever hear the words that should have been first and foremost on the lips of the GB, “since these products are not (yet) supported by long-term safety studies or data, DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. Do things that will IMPROVE YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM”. These words should’ve been shouted from the rooftops. NOT ONE WORD OF CAUTION, not even for pregnant mothers and young children (who had almost zero risk of dying from CVD). The silence in this area has been deafening. How has everyone so quickly forgotten the Thalidomide tragedies?

Instead of even a hint of caution, the voices of reason and caution were drowned out, labelled as ‘disobedient’, ‘dissenting’, ‘divisive’, ‘disrupting unity’. Those voices were to be shut down and censored in the congregation, in lockstep with the way big tech and mainstream media censored and shamed those raising the alarm. Letters to BOEs are testimony to this. They vilified the unvaccinated much like the world did, by duct-taping the mouths of those speaking scientific sense and cautioning against the jabs based on scientific data, projected and real side-effects. Anyone speaking truth was labelled a conspiracy theorist. The unvaccinated were side-lined and rejected (like disease-carrying lepers), unable to enjoy ‘privileges’ of hall-cleaning, disaster relief efforts, meals with COs, accommodation for COs, attendance at elders and special schools, bethel acceptance etc. It has been a terrible disappointment to see the org going with the flow, going with the world on this unscientific approach and propaganda that supports a divisive spirit. If it was a personal choice, no one should even have been questioned about their stand or decision on the matter, never-mind discriminated against.

Did anyone else notice another truly disturbing fact, that "Conscience" was only given consideration in one gb update, early on. Thereafter we heard, from Mark Sanderson that "Jehovah's Witnesses DO NOT have a RELIGIOUS OBJECTION" to COVID19 VACCINATIONS. Does he not appear to be flagrantly imposing a deeply personal (or corporate?) view on 8,000,000 brothers and sisters? What gives any human or organisation on this planet the right or AUTHORITY to decide on matters of personal conscience or worship for others, to even try to sway them in a certain direction, regarding what constitutes a religious objection that might violate their conscience? Why did Mark Sanderson dogmatically impose this shockingly unscriptural view on our collective Christian brotherhood? Did Jehovah grant us a collective conscience to be trampled upon, ruled or swayed by others? Or did he grant us a personal conscience for each one to exercise in a wise manner and be personally accountable for the decisions we make? The question arises, WOULD JEHOVAH or JESUS ever influence or COERCE US in any manner or form whatsoever TO TAKE A MEDICAL PRODUCT, especially an experimental one? They respect the gift of free will and conscience too much to do that. They would not even mandate "an apple a day" to keep the doctor away. And yet, we saw men who disregarded Jehovah and Jesus example in this matter and presumptuously took it upon themselves to ASSUME HIGHER AUTHORITY and CONTROL OVER THE SHEEP than JEHOVAH GOD and JESUS. Does that kind of presumptuousness and arrogance sound like the voice of The Shepherd, or the voice of a stranger?

While the GB is apparently aware of the use of aborted human cell lines in the research, development and testing in the vaccine industry, it would appear they are not willing to address this issue head on. While some may be aware of these issues, what many are not aware of, is the fact that the aborted foetuses were and are NOT DEAD when their tissues and organs are extracted painfully and cruelly from their helpless little bodies. Blocks of tissues and organs are harvested, WHILE THEY ARE STILL ALIVE. They are not even afforded the mercy of a mild anaesthetic to numb the pain of a scalpel ripping through their chest, heart, eye, skull, liver, tongue, kidney or whatever organs or tissues they have targeted for extraction. You see, the scientists cannot use tissue that is dead or dying, nor tissue that is 'compromised' by using anaesthetic. The tissue and organs have to be 'viable' in order to proliferate these cell lines in petri dishes. This is done in the name of science, in the name of progress. Sickening and disturbing. What kind of scientist performs and oversees these kinds of practices? How do they sleep at night? How must Jehovah feel when he sees this? The cause of that foetuses death is due to live dissection for purposes of science, for purposes of medical advancement. It does not die because it was aborted in a "normal" abortion procedure. The vaccine industry could not exist without the live sacrifice of these babies. The medical scientific industry is built on the back of unfathomable cruelty, LIVE CHILD SACRIFICE. Does that sound familiar? Does this practice ring a bell? When we look at the live child sacrifices to Molech, we think of them as Barbaric. How different are we today? Is this world really more civilised, less Satanic? Those who sacrificed their live children to Molech no doubt believed it was part of appeasing their gods in order gain the benefits of rain etc i.e. to derive life-sustaining benefits. They felt their life depended upon it. Today, these sacrifices claim the same "benefits". Strangely but hardly co-incidentally, even today, the same justification is made for sacrificing live babies. It's the price that must be paid to "SAVE LIVES". It's for "the greater good". It's for 'advancement' of medical science. Have we discerned that modern day child sacrifice has the same roots and a common denominator? It's done under the banner of 'saving lives'. It's for the 'greater good'. Satan will always have the right catch-phrases in order to present it as a good thing.

Sadly however, "saving lives" comes at the cost of the most vulnerable of humans, the unborn infant. Each of these lives is precious to Jehovah. And yet, we are told, that as a collective, 'Jehovah's Witnesses do not have a religious objection to vaccinations'. Who can be aware of the chilling, disturbing facts regarding how exactly the human cell lines are derived and still in good conscience say, "I don't have a problem with that. I don't have a religious objection to the products that are made as a result"? If we can do that, then we are no different to the Pope who also sanctioned the COVID-19 jabs on behalf of all Catholics, effectively also suppressing the personal rights of individual Catholics who had conscience issues over the aborted foetuses murdered for cell line production in the R&D and testing phases of vaccinations.

There is NO RESEARCH on the effect of the residual DNA in vaccines from these human baby cell lines. Neither are there there any studies (to my knowledge) on the effect for instance that a male cell line would have on a female vaccinee, and likewise the affect of a female human cell line on a male vaccinee. Could people over the past couple of decades be experiencing gender dysphoria due to the biological impact of residual DNA of the opposite sex on the recipient of the multiple vaccines taken since babyhood? In all honesty, we can only hypothesise as there are no studies. We cannot say with any certainty that the practice of using baby female and baby male human cells lines has not led to unintended consequences.

What we can say with certainty though, is that, the higher the demand for vaccinations and medical ‘miracle’ drugs, the higher the demand for more and later term abortions that are performed in the most cruel manner. A bioethicist stated of the practice, "we wouldn't even do that to a mouse". So what share are we having in driving up the demand? Or do we prefer to not know the facts, to be wilfully blind, because perhaps we invest heavily in those industries, earn massive profits off them, and we partake of their purportedly "life-saving" drugs?

Knowledge is power. Understanding how these industries operate and what our meds might contain and at what cost it has come to us, while terribly upsetting and disturbing, can equip us to make conscientious medical decisions that help us to not become a sharer in this wickedness and cruel bloodshed.

An example to ponder: David refused to drink the water that had come at the risk of 3 of his mighty warrior men’s lives. Those were warriors, strong men who could defend themselves and had a made a personal, calculated decision to risk their lives to collect water for David. They did not die or even get injured in the process. But based on the mere risk to their lives, David refused to drink the water they had obtained for him as it would've been the same as drinking blood. He said, "It is unthinkable on my part from the standpoint of my God to do this.' (1 Chron 11:19). David connected the dots, even though what he was offered could've been deemed to be mere water or life-saving water.
He saw the principle. Today, in contrast, defenceless babies are murdered for scientific purposes. Vulnerable babies have been tortured and murdered mercilessly within their mother's womb or on a dissection table in order to provide supposedly "life saving" vaccinations. What might David have thought if he was living today, would he have consented to the notion of taking in “life-saving” meds or vaccinations that had come at the expense of defenceless, tender, unborn infants, removed from the safety of their mother’s wombs, suffering an excruciatingly painful death while their tissues and organs were extracted bit by bit? Has Jehovah's standpoint on the sanctity of life changed since these words were penned? (Ps 139:16)

One last point on the vaccine and pharmaceutical industry. The majority of these industries have been convicted of fraud and data manipulation of studies and bribery of scientists and doctors (in order to support the appearance of 'efficacy' and release of new money spinning drugs). Pfizer tops the charts in this arena. Google Pfizer+biggest+fine+ fraud. The fine was over 2 Billion USD, for fraud. For them, it's the cost of doing business. J&J is apparently a close second on fines.
Moderna had never produced a single product, ever. How was it that they dispensed millions of EUA experimental jabs into the market, with encouragement but no caution from the GB?
The unheard, silenced and unacknowledged human cost has been great in respect of lives lost and damaged due to the jabs, but the shares in these industries made a monster load of money for many over the COVID era.

“Unity” was confused with CONFORMITY. Disunity was not promoted by the unvaccinated. They were a voice of reason and courage in a world obsessed with and manipulated by fear. When fear takes hold, rational thinking goes out the window. The ENCOURAGEMENT TO TAKE AN EXPERIMENTAL JAB is what CAUSED DISUNITY. DOUBLE-SPEAK CAUSED DISUNITY. There was no statement that taking the jab was "direction”. There was no clearly stated distinction between “direction”, and “personal choice”. It cannot be both, and yet it was presented as both. So which one was it, personal choice or direction? Or was it only the one really? There was double-speak in every Update. In many talks and WT articles we heard the words repeatedly encouraging "obedience to the GB DIRECTION", but somehow it was NEVER QUALIFIED or equated with taking the vaccinations. Hints and allegations but no talk of the vaccinations in the same sentence. Since then, Study articles, in classic gaslighting fashion, have insisted that medical matters are a personal choice, as if that's the way it’s always been, and as if the unvaccinated have been imagining that those lines were crossed by the org over CVD.

A pro-vaccine elder friend made the emphatic statement with a chuckle, “Let’s face it, of course it was direction. The phrase ‘It’s a personal choice' WAS A LEGAL DISCLAIMER". And this is the reason why there was so much confusion among the elder bodies and brothers and sisters. Was it direction, or was it personal choice? Many did not discern the intent behind the adding of the phrase, “It’s a personal choice” to every cvd update encouraging the jabs. Those who then wanted to believe nobody was being “forced” into this, that it was ‘genuinely’ a personal choice could continue to hang on those words in order to prop up their faith in the GB and org. It helped those in denial (who refused to accept that this was actually direction) to defend the GB. In their own minds it was a personal choice.

The trumpet did not sound a distinct call.

Because we are all biochemically, physiologically and genetically unique, some will experience an adverse event to a certain substance or medication, whereas others will be unaffected. That’s why some had anaphylactic reactions to the COVID19 jab, based on "PEG" (Polyethylene Glycol) included the jabs, which ingredient the recipients were never informed of. So an unknown number actually died from anaphylactic reactions to the PEG. VAERS might give an indication of how many actually reported anaphylactic reactions. Young and old experienced anaphylactic reactions.

David Splane, in one of the updates, in explaining why the GB had been eagerly sharing with 8,000,000+ brothers what percentage of the bethel family were vaccinated, used a sentence something like this to justify the sharing of their 95 or 99% vaccinated status: ‘Well, some have reasoned, that if it's good enough for our Bethel family, then its good enough for us’. This is blatantly encouraging a "one size fits all" approach with an experimental medical drug. This approach effectively supports sharing of any and all medications among the brothers. I wonder if he encourages the same with his family and the Bethel family and friends, ie to share medication, regardless of their conditions and biochemistry and allergies, as he has done with 8,000,000 brothers on JW media worldwide. Why not just pool medication and enjoy each others - just make sure you take the right dose. Is this approach not tantamount to playing Russian roulette with your life? Does this approach show respect for life?
His words are evidence of glaring medical ignorance and incredible recklessness with the lives of 8,000,000 brothers and sisters with an experimental drug at that. How much blood does he have on his hands? How must Jehovah feel?

Conformity is the key in this global world moving forward. Hence the WHOs global pandemic treaty to be voted on in May 2024. It will take away bodily autonomy, granted not by Caesar, but by our wonderful Life Giver. ("Caesars things to Caesar, Gods things to God" - see David Schafer's explanation of Jesus’ words in the chapter on neutrality in the Enjoy Life study book). So who has the right to say what goes into our bodies? Through previously unheard-of twisting reasoning, we were encouraged via numerous updates eg by Gerrit Losch to be obedient to Caesar in this matter of CVD19 vaccines. Does this conform with Jesus command to "give BACK Caesars things to Caesar, but Gods things to God"? Does your bodily autonomy get ceded to Caesar because a GB member, through crafty reasoning, says you should? Since when does the GB override the authority of the Son of God?

Most of the adverse events I listed above correlate with the Pfizer data upon which the FDA approved the jabs released under court order under F.O.I.A. provisions. The very first data dump revealed 1291 “adverse events of special interest” pertaining to the COVID19 vaccinations. (Incidentally, the very first adverse event in that initial data dump is the 1P36 chromosome gene deletion). (Psalms 139:16 - Do humans have either the right, wisdom or capacity to mess with the human genome without disastrous effects? Can we improve on the human genome or the immune system? Satan would have think his system can do better)

All this scientific data can be found on Naomi Wolf’s Substack “Outspoken with Dr Naomi Wolf”. One can also obtain the analyses and summary of what amounts to approximately 1.4 million pages of extremely complex scientific data by 3000 voluntary professionals (scientists, specialists, biostatisticians etc, professionals who do not have a financial interest in suppressing truth).

I have battled this question. It was pushed with special full-time servants and full-time servants alike (Yes, we saw the confidential letters that even parents of teenagers at Bethel were not supposed to be privy to. Shameful, yes.). It was encouraged with pioneers and elders and anyone who wanted to make an application to Bethel or attend any special school. Parents of bethelites were pressured to get it by their kids. Full-time servants were encouraged not to socialise with the unvaccinated. CO's requested unvaccinated ones not to sit near or associate closely with the vaccinated over lunch periods at pioneer meetings/schools. Since when was a spiritual privilege incumbent upon a medical intervention?? The data is now clear that the vaccines did NOT prevent transmission or infection (and that the data was fraudulently twisted beforehand) and they have proven vastly more unsafe than any vaccine in history. This means the Organizations pro-vaccine stance was NOT based on any truthful science. Were they conned? (Was it Mark Twain who said, "It is easier to con someone than to convince them that they have been conned'?). What exactly was their decision based on? Media heresay? On fear-mongering propaganda, YES. On genuine science, a resounding NO.

After 3 years of research, I’ve come up with a number of possibilities. Might one, all or some of the following be valid?

- (unjustified, irrational) FEAR OF the UNKNOWN ; VIRUSES ; MAN ; GOVERNMENTS ; LOSING EVERYTHING ; DEATH (“Everything a man has he will give in behalf of his life”)

- LACK OF TRUST in the, as yet, unfathomable and intricately designed IMMUNE SYSTEM.

- LACK OF UNDERSTANDING of NATURAL IMMUNITY (understood from the 400’s until 2020, then suddenly tossed out the window due to the 'business of science')

- unqualified and unquestioning TRUST and FAITH in MEN – and specifically the BUSINESS OF SCIENCE industry as opposed to truthful unadulterated science i.e. excessive trust in big pharma and having progressively been taken in by its propaganda over the last century (with most medical schools financed and receiving grants from the drivers of the pharmaceutical industrial complex) and discrediting anything natural and pure (i.e. of Jehovah’s making) by labelling it as ‘alternative’ and ‘snake oil’ and ‘quackery’. (Saying : ‘What’s good is bad! What’s bad is good’).

- sheer IGNORANCE as to the lengths the greedy commercial system will go to in order to rollout a financially lucrative product to millions without regard for the consequences ie lives injured and lost (For a product that was, although in development for probably 2 decades, was not even tested on one human by early 2020 as it had failed trials in all the animal studies. All the animals had died) (1 John 5:19)

- the impact of BEING a registered CHARITY Organization (501C in the US) compromises any neutrality as it forces organisations to agree to comply with gov. rules and regulations when they sign up (General rules of compliance are agreed to in advance when you sign up as a registered charity, rules that might encroach on and violate Bible principles i.e. bodily autonomy and sanctity of life). You might risk LOSING YOUR TAX EXEMPTION status if you don’t comply (John 18:36).

Standing against the forced mandates (or even just being neutral instead of pro) on the CVD19 propaganda narrative and CVD 19 vaccination fraud and deceit could indeed have cost many organisations millions in revenue and reputation. Most took the path of least resistance and risk.
This system has created an intricate and extremely nefarious web of regulations and propaganda to enforce anyone registered to the system as a charity and making money off it (whether labelled as not for profit or not) to be pressured to conform, to be forced into compliance. Does Caesar EVER give anyone anything for free, or without strings attached?

- Governments identified many individuals and organisations who exercise influence over a substantial amount of people, as TRUSTED MESSENGERS (these have included social media influencers, celebrities and faith based organisations). Not only were many organisations given “COVID CARE” money, but many were granted vast sums of money, per capita, for the amount of people they could influence to take the CVD19 viral vector and mRNA jabs. My question is, with all the positive press and media on JWs and their publicly known pro-vaccine stance, with an 8,000,000+ following and further reach, why would they not have been identified as a TRUSTED MESSENGER and offered the same financial benefits as everyone else who had influence over their followers? If benefits were offered and taken, How much was paid per head? Was it perhaps the price of a slave? If money was taken, this could possibly be one of the most treasonous actions against our God and King and an incredibly traitorous act against the brotherhood of 8,000,000 who followed bad medical advice blindly because they trust the org and GB implicitly. They would walk off a cliff if the GB tells them to. Has a sacred trust been broken here?

- It is a matter of public record that the org benefits from trust fund shares in many of the companies that were involved in the CVD19 medical countermeasure response (J&J, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Merck, etc, etc). In addition, they are alleged to invest on the stock exchange in many of these companies to grow their finances. It would thus go against their own financial interests to discourage or be 'no part of the world' when it came to promoting these money-spinning injectables.

When you analyse the VAERS data and even just on this forum, it is clear that these jabs have caused terrible harms to innocent and trusting individuals, children and adults alike.

I am not saying any or all of the above are necessarily the reason why the injectables were promo'd. These are merely suggestions as to the reason WHY, since there appears to be no other plausible, scriptural or scientifically justified reason for pushing the unsafe and ineffective experimental drugs (The truthful data shows that they were neither safe, nor effective nor did they prevent transmission). It’s abundantly clear, however, that CORRUPTION by money and the temptation of what money can buy, is very real. It happened in the first century. Why do we resist the realty that it can happen now, in these most crucial times, where truth is treason? Only because we were told it could never happen.

It would be good to get closure as to WHY the org did something that they have NEVER done historically, never-mind with an experimental drug with no long term safety data (Other than the now current evidence of terrible adverse events and increase in all-cause mortality the world over since the rollout). They have gone against Bible principles and their own written advice. We know we won't see any admissions of guilt or apologies (not from any entity who pushed it, no matter how many people they have hurt and injured) because there would be an avalanche of legal action.

If the organisation was transparent and could prove beyond reasonable doubt, through an independent analysis of all their bank accounts of every affiliated registered charity and corporation, registered internationally that they did not take money to influence the worldwide brotherhood to take the CVD19 jabs, then the only remaining reasons could be “sheer ignorance”, “lack of understanding of and faith in the immune system” and “faith in the business of science rather than science itself”. Add to that sheer recklessless.

Could we be seeing the side effects of “eating and drinking with confirmed drunkards”? (Matt 24)

What really is the truth? Some facts are clear: people have been injured and have died and are dying due to the toxic injectables because of the encouragement to take it. And its doubtful there will be any responsibility taken or acknowledged. What is less clear is WHY it was pushed to the degree it was. Time will tell. The truth will be revealed. History will not be kind to those who pushed it. You can bet there will be all kinds of minimising and justifying as to WHY they did it. One thing is for certain though, any organisation or individual who pushed or encouraged these jabs cannot be described as “free of the blood of all men”.

What side of history will the organisation be on?

PS We have always been warned to watch out for the coming propaganda. We're now living in a global world where tyranny, surveillance and censorship has surfaced across the board (in the name of curbing harmful mis- dis- and mal-information). How is it that mainstream media is not the conduit for this "whole of society"-manipulating messaging that will get the entire world gathered together on one page? How is it that a small fraction of 'fringe scientists' and the 'little guys', the individual doctors and independent scientists and journalists (with everything to lose by telling the truth), via the alternative media they were forced into, are viewed as the main avenue of propaganda and the main threat? How is it that what the majority believe and what is spewed out of corporate owned main-stream media is now deemed truth? Strange indeed is this reasoning.

I am 57 years old. I live Cape Town (South Africa).
Anonymous (edit) 3/13/2024
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VAERSIf you have not yet reported your side effect to Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, follow this link: vaers.hhs.gov

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