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Seringue Testimonies on the adverse events of anti Covid-19 vaccination campaigns among Jehovah's Witnesses

Jehovah's Witnesses are heavily vaccinated due to guidance given from July to December 20211 by the governing body.
Many witnesses have had serious adverse effects following vaccination campaigns and, for the most part, have had great difficulty in expressing them and having them recognized.
This website was made to allow each Witness touched by these vaccination campaigns to express it so that the community takes it into account (Luke 10:30-35).

VAERSIf you have not yet reported your side effect to Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, follow this link: vaers.hhs.gov

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Constantly ringing in ears and poor skin condition since the vaccines
Since I had three covid vaccines after the GBs direction to be fully vaccinated my health has gone downhill.

Among many other things felling unwell all the time I also have this constant ringing in my ears that many fully vaccinated people complain of.

My skin is also very bad, I have never had any skin problems my entire life but since the third shot my immune system has been weakened and doctors can’t seem to help
I live New York (USA).
Sarah Thomas (edit) 1/31/2024
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My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me. John. 10:27
When our brothers asked us very clearly to get vaccinated, to listen to the Governing Body and to submit to the authorities, that's when I no longer recognized the voice of my Shepherd. And luckily I didn't follow his instructions. As our brother from Guadeloupe said: "we would like the Governing Body to be able to look us in the eye and tell us that they were not paid to promote this vaccine?"
Jeremiah 23:2 tells us:
"You have scattered my sheep; you kept dispersing them, and you have not turned your attention to them."

I am 73 years old. I live Annemasse (France).
Anonymous (edit) 1/26/2024
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Chronic fatigue and muscle pain
I was a young, sporty man in great shape, I took the 3 doses and each time experienced extreme fatigue but the last one lasted for more than 6 months, I am slowly recovering. I have muscle pain and motor weakness. According to hospital public service specialists, it is probably the side effects of the anti-covid vaccine (quite a few cases). Deep down I was against the inoculation of a foreign body into my blood with pieces of RNA in the testing phase. But I wisely followed the instructions of the faithful and wise slave to continue my service advocated through the JW.ORG videos; they clearly encourage vaccination to recognize themselves among the faithful. My surprise was the obligation to be vaccinated to attend schools. I have quite a few cases around me, there are before and after vaccination. I previously thought that the organization does not give medical advice and that it is up to everyone's conscience. The organizations have changed, more and more young people are at the head of the congregations, excessively zealous on the procedures of the organization and no longer on the true source: the Bible. The word 'elder' is overused because these people lack life experience and act in a ductile manner to injunctions from "above". I have established many fraternal relationships all over the world following the international assembly and the observation is the same: the covid situation has severely tested families and a wave of problems have overwhelmed the elders, moreover the brothers and sisters barely hidden controversy over vaccines hasn't helped anything. Many left the organization discouraged or angry. This is why the organization, against all logic, decided in October to delete the current form of the activity report because the drop in the number of maximum publishers is dizzying. This lack of transparency in the organization concerns me and makes me ask a lot of questions. Is the organization trying to hide a decline and publish the numbers in the directory? The future will tell. I keep my independence of mind and check things honestly every day. The explanations about vaccines and the new report do not satisfy me, so I await future explanations from the faithful and "wise" slave. If I am not satisfied I will be in “quiet quit”.

I am 33 years old. I live Paris (France).
Anonymous (edit) 1/14/2024
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Turbo cancer after the third dose
Being a regular pioneer for so many years, I forced myself to get vaccinated, one, two then three doses to obey Jehovah. I had no adverse effects for 6 months after the third dose, then suddenly here I am with breast cancer. Cancer that I had treated more than 20 years ago and which I completely got rid of.
Is this turbo cancer linked to the injections, I don't know. All I know is that this vaccination did not spare me from Covid, which I caught several times (at least twice).
Here I am scheduled for radiation then chemo. Hoping these treatments will help me stay optimistic.

I am 68 years old. I live Strasbourg.
D.N. (edit) 1/4/2024
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Death & division.
I am rather new in the Truth compared to many in the Org. However, I was surprised how the Org strongly "encouraged" the friends to take the vax. There's a brother I used to work for that retired from painting & wallpaper hanging. He & his wife were very health conscious (homeopathic & holistic) & so they wouldn't normally do things like vax. He was rather healthy but his wife was sickly; nonetheless, when the the Broadcasts came out, they were divided on the matter. He went with the "suggestion" of the Org, while she did not. Not long after the second shot did he develop health problems. Apparently it was "COVID" but there were issues with his liver. Not long after he passed away. I respected this man since he taught me his trade & it is just depressing on how events have unfolded.

There's another friend who I know who didn't go along with the mandate & the friends have soft shunned him & his family. I am one of the few people who talk to him & I have learned much about what has been going on in the congregations since I am inactive. Apparently, since the "pandemic", the friends have become more isolated & developed many cliques within the congregations (so much for unity...). I found this blog that has many more JW obituaries & the numbers are shocking.

I am 32 years old. I live Pasco Florida (USA).
Anonymous (edit) 11/14/2023
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VAERSIf you have not yet reported your side effect to Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, follow this link: vaers.hhs.gov

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