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Seringue Testimonies on the adverse events of anti Covid-19 vaccination campaigns among Jehovah's Witnesses

Jehovah's Witnesses are heavily vaccinated due to guidance given from July to December 20211 by the governing body.
Many witnesses have had serious adverse effects following vaccination campaigns and, for the most part, have had great difficulty in expressing them and having them recognized.
This website was made to allow each Witness touched by these vaccination campaigns to express it so that the community takes it into account (Luke 10:30-35).

VAERSIf you have not yet reported your side effect to Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, follow this link: vaers.hhs.gov

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Breast cancer in vaccinated relative.
When the vaccines first came out in early 2021, I was skeptical because of the short time frame in development and testing of the vaccine. I am a person who investigates everything that I take into my body and I believe that is my responsibility to research medical treatments. As another person has stated, I too discovered that the vaccines damage the blood and that was enough for me to refuse to take the COVID vaccine, no matter the supposed incentives. My husband and I were completely appalled at the Governing Body updates issued in 2021 and they seemed to get worse with each one. In fact, my husband made a compilation of key messaging in these videos, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kkeiVlIOxoM.

We felt the only thing we could do was to write a letter towards the end of 2021 to the Elders to warn them that they were being tricked into being complicit with promoting a bio-weapon and we had plenty of deaths and illnesses locally that they should have listened. But they did not believe us. In fact, we came close to being disfellowshipped but escaped that fate. The Elders believed that the Governing Body received divine direction from Jehovah and the Governing Body encouraged that belief while promoting double-speak. Every experience on this website is what we also witnessed and experienced. The Governing Body has become an idol, which must be obeyed and no questions asked. But I digress.

It’s difficult to recall all of the cases of illnesses but I have a female relative affected who would not want her identity revealed. She was coerced into the vaccine and she now has breast cancer. They removed the breast cancer but she still has cancerous cells floating around in her body that requires more chemo-therapy. We hope she will recover.

One Elder that I know personally dropped dead from a heart attack. His heart was apparently shredded and they could not save him. His wife was devastated. Another brother dropped dead while in the telephone witnessing work on Zoom. He left behind 2 young children. In our small congregation there were cases of emergency hysterectomy, severe shingles, two cases of appendicitis, etc. The mother of one elder recently died. I don’t know her cause of death but his uncle also died from a heart attack. This Elder was one who needed an emergency appendectomy. In our circuit there are reports of strokes, heart attacks, dementia and they all still got COVID. In just one meeting in my local congregation of about 100 brothers and sisters, there were at least a dozen serious illnesses that they mentioned in the concluding prayer and this occurred in August 2021, which was about a month after most of the brothers and sisters got vaccinated in obedience to the Governing Body.

But the attitude of the brothers and sisters was probably the most shocking. There was no love, there was only pressure to comply with nonsense. And, the Society is strongly promoting that the brothers and sisters must follow their instructions even if they are “strange, illogical or impractical”. I had dinner at the home of an Elder and his wife around December of 2021 and the Elder insisted that the Governing Body did not require anyone to get vaccinated. That is a bold lie. I personally know a relative in the full-time work, who was mandated to get the vaccine or the husband and wife would lose their full-time position. If it had been me, I would have said “BY” but they believe that the Governing Body is Jehovah’s channel and they submitted to their health directive. All I can say is that the COVID vaccine was a wake-up call. We were asleep.

The Society keeps a lot of their communications secret and I never knew that before. How shameful. I’m only staying anonymous to protect my active relatives and friends who have suffered enough. I sometimes have the thought of creating signs quoting Jesus, like Matthew 23:29-33 and standing outside the local Kingdom Hall. But I know that if Jehovah wanted me to do that, he would tell me and so I wait on him and his son. Jesus will come and he will seal the faithful anointed ones. Then we will see the separation of the wheat and the weeds. I have not lost an inch of my faith but I hope I am accepting the correction that comes from the scriptures.

Micah 7:4-7: Their best one is like thorns,
Their most upright one is worse than a thorn hedge.
The day of your watchmen and of your reckoning will come.
Now they will panic.
Do not put faith in your companion
Or trust a close friend.
Guard what you say to the one who lies in your embrace.
For a son despises his father,
A daughter rises up against her mother,
And a daughter-in-law is against her mother-in-law;
A man’s enemies are the men of his household.
But as for me, I will keep on the lookout for Jehovah.
I will show a waiting attitude for the God of my salvation.
My God will hear me.“

I am 68 years old. I live Kapolei (USA).
Anonymous Sister (edit) 11/14/2023
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Observations in my city and congregation
Hello, I just came across this page and I wanted to congratulate you.
They had a simply brilliant idea.
I have been a witness for 30 years
I suffered terribly with the imposition of vaccines
I did not get vaccinated despite pressure from the congregation, neither did my family.
I had to stop being an old man because of it.

The circuit superintendent acknowledged a few days ago in the assembly that after the pandemic, countless illnesses occurred among the brothers and many died and became seriously ill, but he insisted that these are consequences of covid and climate change.

My congregation is full of people sick from the vaccine
cancers and heart problems are common
Before the pandemic they were all healthy
Now they don't recover from a simple cold and they are suffering from it for months in the middle of summer.

They no longer have an immune system.

I think that when another pandemic comes, the GB will recommend it again and everything will simply explode

Jesus said that we should love each other to the point of giving our lives for our brothers.

Do we have that kind of love if, for fear of reprisals, we do not tell others about the danger of the medical experiment?

John said not to love with the tongue but to love in deed and truth, giving others what they really need.

Jehovah does not withhold anything good from those who are loyal to him and we must imitate him

The idea of the brothers talking about what happened is excellent, maybe that will save some and make them think.

I will share your page so that there begin to be more testimonies

I would like to suggest the possibility of also doing something on Telegram

Many feel alone and do not know what to do, the congregation is their family and they feel abandoned without having someone to talk to about this, they even feel guilty for starting to question these things.

I tried to send them an email but the address does not exist, please verify it.

I don't know how to speak English, I translated this automatically
AB (edit) 11/14/2023
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Inflammation of lymph nodes and sinusitis and blockage of nasal passages
I would like to indicate two side effects that I have experienced.

In the third dose of the vaccine I had a lot of pain in my arm in the left armpit, they told me it was an area of lymph nodes that became inflamed. I had a bulge in that area and several years later I still have that bulge.

On the other hand, since the pandemic, and I think that due to vaccinations, since at no time have I been infected with Covid-19, I have sinusitis and a blocked nose that the doctor has told me is chronic and I will have breathing problems my entire life.

I am 58 years old. I live Madrid (Spain).
MCG (edit) 10/25/2023
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Unlike many (including EVERYONE in my congregation) I did my due diligence and research on both the virus and the mRNA injections. I found out, and this was corroborated by several of my physician clients, that these mRNA injections DO alter one's blood. Throughout the scriptures we are told that 'blood is sacred'. My wife and I adamantly refused to be a party to this terrible and extremely dangerous fraud from the git-go on the basis that if blood is sacred, can anything good result from permanently altering it? So, neither of us, in good conscience could accept this. For this, we've both basically been treated as 'heretics' by some of the friends for speaking against the Governing Body, although my wife was quiet on the issue and has neither said or posted anything.
However, I was threatened with judicial action under the charge of 'dividing the congregation' because I posted on Facebook life insurance industry statistics on the tremendous increase in deaths since the release of the horrendous mRNA injection program. I told the brothers that I would comply and take down the posts. However, I also told them that if they chose to take action against me for telling the truth, so be it. However, that is something they themselves will have to answer to Jehovah for. I also pointed out that the Pope too, was strongly promoting these mRNA injections, and I said... "Brothers, all I can say is this. ANYTIME the Pope and the Governing Body are on the SAME page, it gives a very sick feeling in my stomach that something is seriously wrong."
I also pointed out that the Governing Body, as did the Satanic media establishment of this world, promoted fear to the point that many of our long held convictions were violated. So, I was compelled to ask "Brothers, show me ANYWHERE in the scriptures that it says Jehovah's people should be fearful or have ANYTHING to fear?"
Since that time, a number of people my congregation (four that I know of) and my father as well, have suffered serious blood clotting issues. One young girl, age 6 whom with her parents is 'fully vaxxed' is now suffering from a rare form of blood cancer. However, no one dare question that the mRNA injections could possibly be the cause.
I live and work in a small town. Secularly, my work assisting people in obtaining a measure of financial security. This includes handling disability and death insurance claims. Since the start of the mRNA injection program, I have filed 15 Covid related disability claims, all but one were 'fully vaxxed', two of these are now on permanent disability. One of my clients, a doctor who had just retired and was somewhat athletic, suffered such severe heart issues immediately following his injection, that he had to have a heart transplant. The father of one of my client's died from his mRNA injection injuries within two weeks. I also have three other clients who, between them have lost five immediate family members from their injections.
There has also been a number of articles that have came out about how much 501(c)(3) organizations have received in funding from the government to promote these mRNA injections. There have also been several articles stating that 501(c)(3) organizations failing to promote or in any way speaking out against the government on this issue would not be eligible for these funds and, if they received such funding, that these funds would be subject to forfeiture. I know from my involvement on a forum of an insurance industry 501c3 organization I am a member of that IF such a 501(c)(3) allows any member to publicly post anything which goes against the official governmental policy or agenda, that organization jeopardizes its 501(c)(3) non-profit status.

Since the Catholic church received an estimated $3 Billion of CARES ACT funding for promoting the mRNA injections, I cannot help but ask... "Did the Governing Body accept such funding for promoting the mRNA injections? I don't know, but there no one willing to answer this question.
This entire scam-demic fiasco has become the basis for the most unkind, unloving, inconsiderate, and yes, even hateful and cruel actions of individuals throughout the entire organization. Many have called me a 'conspiracy theorist'. I have been accused of 'not being neutral'. This though, deems that the question be asked…
'If mere states established fact and tells the truth based upon such facts, can those taking judicial action against this one be said to 'be in the truth'?

Also, since when has one's taking a firm stand based upon their Bible trained conscience and principles been considered an issue which we should be 'neutral' about?
In accord with the Bible, my fear and trust shall be in Jehovah, not in ANY man nor in any body of men.
I will close by sharing this scripture, I feel many can benefit from, especially going forward:
Isaiah 8:11-13
"For this is what Jehovah has said to me with strongness of the hand, that he may make me turn aside from walking in the way of this people, saying: ?“You men must not say, ‘A conspiracy!’ respecting all that of which this people keep saying, ‘A conspiracy!’ and the object of their fear you men must not fear, nor must you tremble at it. Jehovah of armies—He is the One whom you should treat as holy, and He should be the object of your fear, and He should be the One causing you to tremble."

I am 63 years old. I live Nashville (United States).
Leon DiJusticia (edit) 2/15/2024
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Bullying took her life
My healthy, 19-year-old sister was bullied and coerced into taking the vaccines. The first one left her very very ill, the second one took her life three days later. In my opinion, this is absolute blood guilt. Our family is devastated.

I am 19 years old. I live Fairmont (United States).
Anonymously heart broken (edit) 9/18/2023
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VAERSIf you have not yet reported your side effect to Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, follow this link: vaers.hhs.gov

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