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Seringue Testimonies on the adverse events of anti Covid-19 vaccination campaigns among Jehovah's Witnesses

Jehovah's Witnesses are heavily vaccinated due to guidance given from July to December 20211 by the governing body.
Many witnesses have had serious adverse effects following vaccination campaigns and, for the most part, have had great difficulty in expressing them and having them recognized.
This website was made to allow each Witness touched by these vaccination campaigns to express it so that the community takes it into account (Luke 10:30-35).

VAERSIf you have not yet reported your side effect to Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, follow this link: vaers.hhs.gov

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Another Young brother died of heart attack
Another young brother called Mark Haslam in Wales just died suddenly from a heart attack

There are now tens of millions of excess deaths around the world since the rollout of the clot shots
I live Wales (UK).
Mark annonamous (edit) 3/10/2024
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Hebrews 10:24,25 "Do not forsake the GATHERING OF YOURSELVES together...."
I have been searching for a site like this for years now. I finally put "Jehovah's Witnesses Covid Adverse Events" in the search bar....and this site came up. I have been fighting the fine fight to remain an active publisher through all of this craziness. I have been trying to reconcile everything that has happened over these last 4 years with my conscience. (No, never took the Experimental mRNA shots! I researched it first!)
Before I get into anything else....let me first say I've really had to pull some scriptures and Bible accounts up that would help me put into focus what is happening here. First of all, we know the GB is not 'infallible'. They are human, like the apostles were. I'm not accusing anyone of anything, but Judas was an apostle also. But did the 1st century brothers leave the truth because of Judas. No. I believe I've read all the submissions here....albeit, quickly...because I was starving for other brother's understanding on what is happening. One thing I kept reading, which surprised me, is how many witnesses said they were TOLD they had to get the mRNA shots to stay in good standing. Is that really true? I thought it was bad enough when one of the first updates claimed that 98% of the US Bethelites willingly took the shots. My heart sank when I heard this. I thought "For sure now, the brothers are going to think this means they are being TOLD to get the shots". And yes, that is how the biggest percentage of JW's did INDEED take that statement! I believe WORDS are powerful....Jesus Christ is himself described as 'THE WORD'. I was upset on one of the Zoom FS arrangements when brothers would be talking about 'lockdowns' and using other worldly terms that were not truthful. NO ONE was under 'LOCKDOWN'. If you had a key to your house, at least here in the USA, you could come and go when you pleased. You were NOT under 'LOCKDOWN'. (That is Prison terminology!) I have so many things that I have desperately wanted to discuss with others....but was accused of being a 'Conspiracy Theorist' by a close friend after attempting to warn her about the shots. Someone else here brought out the scripture about how the SHEEP will know the shepherd's voice...and if it is NOT the Shepherd's voice....the sheep will not follow. I also know that the WT and Awake magazines have ALWAYS put in the disclaimer when discussing Medical Information that 'the publishers of this magazine do NOT endorse any specific Medical advice.' So when it seemed even the GB were highly 'encouraging', if not openly SAYING, to take the Covid Vaccines....my jaw dropped. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. MY Shepherd would NOT contradict himself. You can't SAY one thing and then DO another.
Here's one that I wonder if anyone else had questions about. PRE-2014, Hebrews 10:24,25 said: "Do not forsake the gathering of yourselves together....." That was a COMMAND....to 'gather together'. I'm sure looking at thumbnails of the brothers on a computer screen would not be in compliance with that command. But then the revised NWT came out and it now says "not forsaking our meeting together". I was shocked when we stopped 'gathering ourselves together' after March of 2020. I thought we were supposed to 'Obey GOD as ruler rather then men'?
Anyway, there was a Pioneer sister who got engaged to be married in the summer of 2021....and sent out Bridal shower invitations......and actually put in the invitation that if you were not 'vaccinated' you were not welcome. The brothers were aware of this invitation.....and the sister that was throwing the Bridal Shower was a regular pioneer. So many things were happening in the beginning of 2021 that I could not believe this was happening right under the brother's noses and no one batted an eyelid. I felt like I was in an episode of 'The Twilight Zone'.
Yesterday's Daily Text was taken from John 6:68 where Peter said to Jesus "Whom shall we go away to? You have the sayings of everlasting life." That is how I still feel about Jehovah's organization. We are being tested right now as to WHOM we are following. Is it Jehovah and Jesus? It should be! I've prayed many a time to Jehovah that I am going to follow HIS COMMANDS and that I know he wouldn't ask me to do anything CONTRARY to his commands. Jehovah would NOT ask us to deliberately POISON ourselves with a manmade concoction that is 'at best' experimental and 'at worst' a possible Bio-weapon. This just boggles my mind that any brothers and sisters thought this is what Jehovah would ask them to do. Jehovah cannot LIE and He cannot go AGAINST his OWN laws and principles.
I believe Jehovah will straighten this all out.....in his own time. But in the meantime, I don't know what to do every time I hear about ANOTHER Vaxxed JW who 'dies suddenly' or gets another Turbo-Cancer. I am just so glad that I did not accept this poison into my body. It's bad enough that I was poisoned for years since I was in the military when I learned the Truth. If I knew THEN what I know NOW.....things would have been very different.
I am currently listening to a podcast that just aired today on 'The Highwire'-
"Federal Health Agencies And the Covid Cartel: What Are They Hiding?"
Dear Brothers and Sisters.....don't give up! But keep putting up with one another and forgiving one another freely. Jehovah will fix this. Satan is the Father of the Lie and he is pulling out all the stops right now. He won't win and he knows it. Paradise is just around the corner. Keep holding on! 1 Corinthians 13:4-7

I live (USA).
Anonymous (edit) 3/10/2024
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I am a retired Registered Nurse. I refused the ‘vax’ but have suffered mental distress over unanswered questions and isolation
I had Covid once, took recommended treatment by informed Drs and even though had co-morbidities I recovered in 2.5 days but fatigue lingered a few days longer.

I have observed numerous side effects in a number of relatives and friends

I’d just like to say that after 3 years of intense research ( I have 40 years of Nursing experience) I spent these 3 years carrying a great emotional burden as to why the GB strongly recommended a medical treatment that was a conscience matter.
They had NEVER pushed a conscience matter before Covid but always included a disclaimer in all health articles that they did not recommend any particular treatment

I have come to the conclusion that obviously has JEHOVAH ALLOWED IT.

‘Maybe’ He allowed it as if the slightest hint of Jehovah’s Witnesses as an Organisation was opposed to this Covid ‘vaccine’ we would’ve become known as ‘Anti-Vaxxer’s’ worldwide.

It is of the highest importance that we remain known as Ministers preaching the Good news of the Kingdom worldwide and not be put in the spotlight as an Organisation opposing and ‘disobeying the Governments’

It seems too that the Organisation maybe overly focused on Romans 13.1 but since when in the past did this ‘odedience’ go so far as allowing the Governments to decide which drug we put in our bodies?

The world literally went obsessively mad during Covid, there was no reasoning allowed, the propaganda was so extreme and so orchestrated worldwide that 1 John 5,19 is the only explanation

What was SO disturbing is that most in the congregation reacted in a similar way to to the world. It brought home to me that there were very judgmental, self righteous attitudes amongst many including elders, some of which used their opportunity during personal answers to continually admonish the congregation to ‘GET VACCINATED brothers’!

A ‘culture of silence’ developed that if broken was immediately met by judgments and application of labels, eg ‘ we were spreaders of ‘conspiracy theories or ‘disinformation’

It stood out to me that most witnesses were acting the same as people we meet in the Ministry, ie claim that evolution is true without any knowledge or evidence

As there were repeated articles on jw.org, talks at Conventions and in the meetings re. ‘Beware of disinformation’ most witnesses automatically assumed that EVERYTHING that even suggested something different from the Government narrative was ‘obviously’ false!

All of the GB updates only followed Government narrative and of course this cemented the tendency of unreasonableness I saw in the Congregation

Saying that it has emphasised to me that the GB, whilst still in the flesh are like ourselves very
imperfect men.
As they were at the epicentre of the ‘pandemic’ in New York State and at the height of worldwide ‘Covid panic’ I think they were especially vulnerable knowing that the Bible predicts the increase of disease in our time.

Then there’s the brainwashing that’s gone on for decades in regard to NEVER questioning ‘the holy grail’ of vaccination.
I think they just ‘assumed’ the Covid injection was similar to childhood vaccinations, they mustn’t have had any idea they were a completely different technology, ie gene therapy as openly acknowledged by Pfizer themselves now

In Australia as I’m sure was also in all of the western world Doctor’s were themselves deceived and if not were still ‘gagged’ and under threat of speaking against the narrative so it’s doubtful that even the GB would have received accurate information at the time

I believe that GB member Brother Winder’s recent talk ‘Our Modesty Benefits Others’ included indirect acknowledgments that the GB was not ‘modest’ in strongly recommending the ‘vaccines’ and that they were wrong in overstepping their authority

Maybe for legal reasons and other we’re not aware of they cannot publicly apologise openly

Surely after all this time and I’m sure thousands of letters to Bethel they must be at least partially aware of how they did not know ‘the big picture’ and gave terribly misguided advice.
I’m still confused however, how 7 GB members didn’t realise the basic fact that it was wrong to push a conscience matter or that this injection was experimental and with no informed consent.
( It seems only Jeffrey Jackson didn’t speak on this subject)

Also HOW did they not think of how INFORMED consent was non existent?
Of all people Jehovah’s Witnesses, due to the blood issue highly value informed consent yet I observed all in the Congregation including elders thinking they’d received ‘informed’ consent just by turning up at the vaccination centre and signing a piece of paper??

It saddens me that some brothers and sisters in their testimonies here have been so badly affected that some are now opposed to the Organisation.

I am heartbroken for them that have lost family members and have experienced their families being divided

It disturbed me greatly to be so conflicted having to watch most witnesses completely oblivious to the truth and to say nothing when they were getting repeatedly injected even after potentially serious side effects after the first ‘vaccination’.
All common sense was discarded despite side effects after the continued GB updates so people continued to be ‘fully vaccinated’ to their detriment

Even though the statement that it was a ‘personal decision’ was made by the GB from the beginning, it was overshadowed by about 10 updates giving another very strong message to the contrary even though most were ‘between the lines’ or not absolutely direct until the last update when we were told to ‘Get vaccinated if possible’

Anyone that can’t see this fact is obviously choosing to focus on the one statement ‘personal decision’ only and ignoring the vast bulk of the messaging presented over about 9 months

I was especially astounded when I discovered that on 19th December 2022 a letter to all congregations directed that to attend Elders schools, Pioneer Schools, SKE schools all attendants had to be ‘fully vaccinated’ and that there would be no provision made for videoconferencing.

I remain confused EVEN MORE SO as this was almost 2 full years into Covid and way before then it was SO OBVIOUS that the Covid injection MADE NO DIFFERENCE to the acquisition or transmission of disease!!

In other words, it was so obvious way before then that there is NO DIFFERENCE between the vaccinated and unvaccinated in regard to the safety of all attendants.

An elder who is distantly related to myself either had to cast aside his ‘personal decision’ of not accepting the injection or miss the Elders school and face the disdain of the small group of elders in his small country congregation and no doubt this was repeated by untold numbers of brothers and sisters worldwide

It now seems that ‘personal decision’ may only have been an official ‘disclaimer’ by the Organisation and not a genuine choice ?

I can also confirm that my research also definitely confirms that most people that died in Western Hospitals did not die of Covid but deliberate medical malpractice of the very worst kind.
The very same Government drug and treatment protocol mandated in the USA was mandated here in Australia and it seems all western countries

Also the deliberate campaign against all early treatment caused the deaths of untold numbers.

In 2020 & 2021 I watched frontline intensive care RN’s testify even while still employed exactly what they were witnessing, ie medical murder.
As I had just retired from 40 years of Nursing I could discern their testimonies were authentic.

It is not easy to have the knowledge of the greatest planned and orchestrated medical crime in all of history and not be able to speak about it in the Congregation for fear of causing ‘disunity’ and being viewed with suspicion

I keep quiet also among the heavily ‘vaccinated’ as if they were told the truth it would place a burden of fear on them for their future physical and mental health.
A sister I studied with acquired a rare aggressive cancer within months of ‘vaccination’ yet I discerned that there was no way I could advise her not to continue with more ‘boosters’

The last 4 years has changed me significantly.
I now have an even more realistic view of how ALL humans regardless of their knowledge or position are easily deceived by Satan’s system

Despite all the above I am viewing it as Jehovah has absolutely used this Organisation since 1879, it is still the only organisation that teaches the truth in regard to the major doctrines and is fulfilling Matthew 24.14

Never forget WHO taught us the marvellous truths of the scriptures !

Jehovah MUST still be with this Organisation even though Satan has been allowed a ‘seeming’ victory.
It may be his last biggest attempt to ‘divide and conquer’.

This is a huge trial for so many but as Peter said when he was so shocked and puzzled by Jesus words “where else will we go to’?

I pray for all of you

I am 74 years old. I live Adelaide (Australia ).
email. ‘moanaenua@mail.com’ (edit) 4/21/2024
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Vaccine Push by Governing Body, Death, Family Shunning.
Where do I begin……
In 2020 my family, which included myself, my wife and daughter, decided to refrain from taking the Covid19 vaccinations after doing much research on the matter. In February of 2021 I wrote a document detailing my research and why we must be cautious about the so-called vaccination. I posted this document online and I sent a copy to each of our family members. Not a single family member acknowledged receiving this document and they ultimately rejected the information contained therein, all of whom were Jehovah’s Witnesses. In May 2021 my wife received a text about a vaccine clinic being held at a local Kingdom Hall. My wife was horrified when she received this text and quickly showed it to me and asked, “What is happening?” Later I learned that vaccine clinic was being held at a local assembly hall as well. My wife urged me to meet with two elders in our congregation about this issue, one of them being a part of the hospital liaison committee. Their first words during this meeting were that they were also surprised that vaccine clinics were being done on witness properties. I shared my document with them along with other testimonies and the fact that aborted fetal cell lines were involved with them. The hospital liaison committee brother told me that New York knew about the aborted fetal cell lines, but he was not at liberty to tell me about any information they had about this. They listened but did not provide any support for anything I was presenting to them. The other elder tried to cross-examine some of what I presented.

In August of 2021, our entire family contracted Covid. My daughter only had mild cold symptoms, but my wife and I were very ill. The illness felt more like a poisoning to me. Sadly, my wife entered the hospital on August 31, 2021, and did not make it alive. She passed away on September 12, 2021. Her death was NOT due to Covid. There is a lot of very credible research on how the government in cooperation with hospitals provides the wrong treatments. Monetary incentives were being paid out to hospitals from the diagnosis of Covid, to using Remdesivir, to putting on the ventilator, all the way to death. These hospitals received up to $500,000 of FREE funding from these incentives in every case. Remdesivir was a failed Ebola drug in which upwards of 53 percent of those who take it die from the drug. This is what happened in my wife’s case. She died of maltreatment, the withholding of fluids and nourishment, and passed from Kidney Failure which is the drug’s main side effect.

Now comes the part where the Governing Body’s lack of neutrality negatively on this issue affected my daughter and me. The day my wife entered the hospital her mother called several elders in her congregation and ours and was telling them and others that we were being disobedient to Jehovah. She created quite a stir. When my wife passed, I got a call from two of her siblings basically scolding me for not staying close to the organization and listening to instructions. Everyone in the congregation who called about her death kept asking “was she vaccinated?”. I grew very weary in my disbelief, shock, and grief and I stopped answering their question. I felt like an outcast. My wife’s parents completely stopped speaking with me. They called my daughter twice trying to convince her to get vaccinated, but my daughter stood her ground on her decision. They then proceeded to shun her too until 8 months later her grandfather started having multiple strokes and passed away. My wife’s sister and husband then refused for us to be in their presence because they viewed us as a risk for not being vaccinated. They denied access for the most part for my daughter to be able to associate with her grandparents and to enter their home. This continued until just over a week ago my wife’s mother passed away from complications of quick on set dementia. I believe the vaccinations hastened both of their deaths. They received every shot, booster, flu shot, shingles shot, etc. My daughter spent maybe a total of 4 hours with her grandmother in those 2 ½ years after my wife’s death. She had to try and force her way to see her and was successful on a few occasions.

In my honest opinion, the Governing Body’s messaging created divisions in the congregations and separated families. This certainly happened in our case in a large way. Just listen to the updates provided on this site and you will hear the message loud and clear. Many who have taken the shots in our congregation are constantly getting sick, resurgence of cancers and other health conditions have surfaced.
It is NEVER okay for anyone with the authority like that of the Governing Body to take sides, coerce, and cause their members to think it is GOD’s will to take ANY medical treatment. It is squarely and completely one’s personal choice. Nothing should have ever been said beyond that. Complete neutrality should have been the only message coming across.

I am 57 years old. I live Temecula (United States).
anonymous (edit) 2/27/2024
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Vaccine coercion induces family break up
I didn't take the vaccine, so had no reaction. However, the pressure from the GB and the refusal of the elders and congregation members to listen to any kind of scriptural reason has broken my family: their cry: we must obey the GB! I am a Christian I follow Christ I want to follow his commands not those of men (Matthew 15:9) "Their worship is a farce, for they teach man-made ideas as commands from God.’”

I cannot take part in something that goes against God himself, my family want to follow the GB: they now won't bother with me, (soft shunning). Before the vaccine edict I had occasion to speak to four different people regarding the worship of the GB as they were all putting the commands of men above the commands in the Bible. I was shouted at and vilified, even told off through an elder's answer to a WT paragraph.

Friend 1 and her husband took the jabs, she was ok but her husband had a blood clot in the brain causing him to go blind in one eye. The blood clot was dispersed and they both went on to have more jabs and both caught Covid several times. I asked why they still took more jabs as they knew the side effects and the jabs were obviously ineffective as they still caught Covid. The answer was that they used the commands of the GB for every decision they make. (Not the commands of Jesus.) As I asked the obvious questions they are now shunning me.

Friend 2 had all the jabs, so did her husband, son and daughter. The daughter had a blood clot in the brain and also went blind in one eye. This was cleared with medication and she went on merrily jabbing away. The husband lost three members of his family to vax induced blood clots, but still went ahead with his own vax. He also had blood clots and was admitted to hospital the clots were cleared and he then developed turbo cancer. The son also developed turbo cancer. So, my friend later lost her husband and son to cancer in one week and although she remains healthy she is an emotional shell. Still firmly following the GB.

Friend 3 had huge adverse clotting reactions to each of her jabs: nearly died each time, spending a long time in hospital after each jab. Her husband begged her not to have any more but she went back each time to show her loyalty to the GB.

I have many more examples but it is making me cry to type them all. This scripture I find to be very helpful:

(Colossians 2:20-23) Since you died with Christ to the elemental spiritual forces of this world, why, as though you still belonged to the world, do you submit to its rules: “Do not handle! Do not taste! Do not touch!”? These rules, which have to do with things that are all destined to perish with use, are based on merely human commands and teachings. Such regulations indeed have an appearance of wisdom, with their self-imposed worship, their false humility and their harsh treatment of the body, but they lack any value in restraining sensual indulgence.

This issue shows us clearly who the man of lawlessness is. (2 Thes 2:3-4) "Don’t be fooled by what they say. For that day will not come until there is a great rebellion against God and the man of lawlessness is revealed—the one who brings destruction. He will exalt himself and defy everything that people call god and every object of worship. He will even sit in the temple of God, claiming that he himself is a god."

The society are a huge part of Babylon the Great they will not be exempt from the punishments that are coming her way. "Get out of her my people" is every bit as applicable to those remaining in the society as it is to those in other religions.

I am deeply saddened to read all the loneliness and pain in the other accounts on here: remember my dear friends that your faith must be in our loving father and his kind son. Keep your faith strong in them. The time is nearly here when judgement will be meeted out and Earth will be wiped clean.

P (edit) 2/26/2024
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VAERSIf you have not yet reported your side effect to Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, follow this link: vaers.hhs.gov

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