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Seringue Testimonies on the adverse events of anti Covid-19 vaccination campaigns among Jehovah's Witnesses

Jehovah's Witnesses are heavily vaccinated due to guidance given from July to December 20211 by the governing body.
Many witnesses have had serious adverse effects following vaccination campaigns and, for the most part, have had great difficulty in expressing them and having them recognized.
This website was made to allow each Witness touched by these vaccination campaigns to express it so that the community takes it into account (Luke 10:30-35).

VAERSIf you have not yet reported your side effect to Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, follow this link: vaers.hhs.gov

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Divisions and illness
Everything has been different since Covid. Divisions, no more interested people, 2 interested people are no longer coming because of the vaccination advertising and have also this told the elders.

Some strongly suspected vaccine injuries:

60 years, few days after second vaccine, severe “unexplained” thrombosis in stomach area, almost died. After this she put greatest vaccine pressure. Eg. “unvaccinated people have no chance in Armageddon”... almost all of her relatives suffered. E.g. stroke immediately after, liver failure, kidney failure, etc. And all relatives are still advertising vaccinations from the stage...

30 years: “unexplained” multi-organ failure since the vaccine, constantly has to go to the hospital.
70 years, aneurysm
70 years, aneurysm
50 years, former athelic type, chronic fatigue after 3rd vaccine, very sad about this.
25 years, since vaccine, depression, burnout, unable to work anymore.

52 years, since the first vaccine completely changed blood count (liver values, kidney values, to few red and white blood cells and thrombocytes also too few, the blood count shortly before was completely ok! She even had to go to the hospital few days after vaccination. Because few hours later very high fever that didn't go down anymore... Even hospital admitted that it was due to the vaccine. Since then constantly sick, constantly coughing, or fever... but whole family continued to be vaccinated. Many of them also had strange damage from immunodeficiency to poor liver values, although still young.

25 years, after first vaccine, constant headache, had to go to hospital for almost 2 weeks, suspected of possible cerebral hemorrhage. After this went on vaccinating. After that „unexplained“ bad liver values in the blood.

53 years, 2 vaccines, cardiac arrest, “unexplained”, because no previous illnesses.

50 years, after 1st vaccine Shingles, knows it's from that, says it's not bad, even though he was in severe pain. Since then he has been sick regularly for 2 weeks.

58 years, double swollen neck after 1st vaccine, after this he stopped taking it.

25 years, after 1st vaccine Shingles, know it comes from that.

58 years shingles

58 years, tragically, dead in bed in the morning, it was strange, everyone acted afterwards as if he had never lived! A lot of people said that it definitely wasn't due to the vaccine...he had 5!! And just had a health check-up before and was still raving to me about how healthy he was.

Some older sisters now complain that they are no longer the same since the vaccine and, for example, are dizzy or their feet. Since then, other sisters have been completely confused and dizzy in their heads and have stopped coming.

About approx. 6 out of 10 between constantly having a cold and coughing or having a runny nose.

Since vaccination began, 10 older people from our hall have died. More than ever before in such a short period of time!

There was even a talk from a Bethel brother at the very beginning of the campaign. He mentioned that they are so sad right now because there have been so many unexpected deaths at the moment. At the time, this statement still seemed strange to some of us.

It's sad, but we shouldn't be upset about it. Anger makes sick. Jehovah sees everything and will judge each of us at the right time. Some wondered why he allows this situation to happen. But maybe we only show our true colors in extreme situations?

I am 50 years old. I live Hamburg (Germany).
Anonymous (edit) 2/12/2024
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Injury to Others, Spiritual Malpractice
In the interest of shrewdly avoiding calamity, it was obvious to many from the start that this serum was very dangerous. Personally, I soon determined that the formulation and effect of the mRNA gene therapy, it's delivery and glowing promotion by the Governing Body, all violated at least two dozen Scriptural principles, which I compiled and used as a guide for myself and (hopefully) others. I am happy to share this with anyone wishing to consider it. Having avoided the jabs, one adverse reaction is the pain and suffering to everyone and the fear of what might happen to those I love, more personally. I learned, firsthand, that "having our senses trained to distinguish both right and wrong", in this case, as respects the Western medical establishment and their products, proved to be a lifesaver. Satan's deceptive and dangerous system has a habit of disguising the Truth and villifing, marginalizing it's seekers and believers.

In addition to the 90's-era approval of the Eye of Horus Danish assembly hall and a ten-year special relationship with the UN, unchecked corruption which will likely never be addressed has resulted in this latest debacle. This captured element of the organization has evidently influenced the leaders of WT to coerce/entice the very "Flock of God" into accepting such a poison into their bodies. I'm deeply grieved by the needless suffering caused among so many JWs, and humanity at large. With such massive bloodguilt on their hands and having chosen to carry the Holy Name of man's loving, wise, just and powerful Creator,Watchtower will surely reap the harsh consequences of their reckless and abusive behavior.

Another "adverse reaction" has been the reproach and alienation forced on myself by clumsy, amateurish, ignorant, virtue-signaling elders who have been given the power to destroy what little family life I have, with my PIMI daughter (along with her MS husband, both dutifully double-jabbed). All elder bodies were instructed by letter, to express no criticism of the mRNA serum and to actively supress, to the point of disfellowshipment, any dissent to this directive among the rank & file. (In the US, this has resulted in upwards of a thousand deletions/resignations of elders and scores of disasocciations/disfellowshipments). As with other pretexts for this severe and traumatic practice, JW elder bodies have been endowed from above with Cheka/Gestapo-like "license to kill"; the murder of one's family, social and emotional life and, in many cases, inflicting such unbearably grave trauma, that many lives have ended in suicide. In my case, I was threatened with discipline for (based upon the scripturally-based "Watchman Principle") making a warning Instagram post out of concern for JW CHILDREN being jabbed with sterilizing, debilitating, death-dealing mRNA. Holding my family life hostage, they silenced what might have otherwise helped parents make the wise choice.

Actually, this has worked out to be a net benefit; I was compelled to learn in what OTHER ways this entity may be seriously, SCRIPTURALLY reprehensible. So, after finally reading Raymond Franz's books and coming to grips with WTs brutal body count and Pharisaical confidence racket, I'm glad to be free of both the illusion that they are God's Channel and of the fear that there will be death at Armageddon for not submitting to their dictatorship. Free of the frustration caused by their constantly shifting, self-serving policies and interpretations. Long ago, they proved to be neither "faithful nor discreet" and certainly not to be invested with any more credibility, or support. I'm sticking closer than ever to our Father and his Word, staying as far away from this Wolfpack as possible and hoping to be a 'strengthening aid' to those injured by them. Dynamoarts2@proton.me

I am 62 years old. I live Mayberry (USA).
Concerned New World Citizen (edit) 2/7/2024
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Sick from being vaccinated: Discovering the Watchtower has held stock shares in Johnson & Johnson, Merck, and other big pharma companies, including the ones that made the COVID vaccines
Initially, I trusted the GB with my life and followed their direction, so while I had formerly been vehemently opposed to vaccination, I went against my better judgment and my two children and spouse and I were vaccinated.

Later, I found out the GB lied about so many other things related to how they "love" us very much. During my research, I found out they've made profits off of big pharma.

Here are two videos with screenshots from some of their holdings:



It (their hypocrisy) made me sick.

I am 47 years old. I live (USA).
Audrey (edit) 2/15/2024
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Feeling unwell every day
Since the clot shots and and the boosters that the governing body gave direction to take all of my family took them. We have all had various health problems and I feel unwell every single day.

I have heart pain which I’m very worried about blood clots now.

One rule for us another for them. They certainly caused divisions in congregations there is absolutely no doubt about that. But they blame others for doubting the safety of the vaccines. If you doubt the safety of the vaccines you are causing division according to them.

I am 43 years old. I live Manchester (UK).
Jelly andrews (edit) 2/1/2024
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Death a week after third dose
A faithful old sister who was noted for good health and walking a long way on the ministry died suddenly one week and one day after her third dose.

The cause of death was just died suddenly while walking. She seemed fine the meeting before she died.
I live Aspel (Belgian).
Sister fox (edit) 1/31/2024
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VAERSIf you have not yet reported your side effect to Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, follow this link: vaers.hhs.gov

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